Prince George faces ‘Everest-like’ battle to save monarchy after 10th birthday

Prince George is facing an "Everest-like" battle as he joins in saving the future of the monarchy at just 10 years old.

The young royal celebrated his 10th birthday on Saturday (July 22) but "the weight of what is to come" may lead to a tough start to his life as a working royal.

Disarray inside the Royal Family will need to be weathered by the young royal, who is now tasked with modernising the firm according to one royal expert.

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Daniela Elser has warned of the "sad fate" awaiting the young royal, while the Royal Family also prepares to avoid another Prince Harry-like disaster.

She wrote in her column: "The weight of what is to come and the abject lack of choice that George has over such fundamental parts of his life as his career, where he will live and his religion are just the beginning of the bad news.

"No longer would the proletariat blithely accept that just having a title made some weak-chinned, under-educated chap who speaks passable French automatically one’s better; instead, the institution has faced an ever-growing tide of pesky questions about what function it serves in 20 and 21st century life."

The major blow to Prince George is, as Elser describes, finding a way to navigate the Royal Family in the modern era.

It seems the young royal will soon be facing off against "pesky questions", and Prince George "must find an answer to that", Elser warned.

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The expert added: "It will fall to George to find an answer to that, which can keep things going into the 22nd century. However, it will be nothing short of an Everest-like uphill battle."

The Daily Star previously reported the warring factions inside the Royal Family which could cause "another Spare", something the family hope to avoid.

With Prince Harry's controversial autobiography, Spare, rupturing the royals earlier this year, the Firm are keen to avoid further problems with other young siblings.

It would appear Prince George has "two siblings who can help him" as he prepares to take on more roles in the Royal Family.

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