Plane creates inappropriate shape in sky – officials say it’s ‘not deliberate’

Lufthansa pilot accused of drawing penis with flight path

A seemingly disgruntled pilot left an obscene flight pattern in the sky to the amusement of aviation watchers after learning his plane was being diverted – but the plane operator said the shape was purely a coincidence.

The “penis-shaped” outline was drawn over Sicily by a Lufthansa jet and spotted on flight tracking website, Flightradar24, as the pilot was told to divert from Catania airport in Sicily and instead land in Malta due to high winds.

It led to local reports saying the move was a deliberate stunt pulled by the pilot to show his annoyance at heading to a different airport – although officials have said it was just a coincidence.

Catania International Airport is located just south of Mount Etna and the pilot was forced to divert because of disruption following a fire at its Terminal A block on July 16. Dozens of flights are said to have been disrupted since.

The pilot, of flight LH306 started his journey from Frankfurt in Germany on July 28 at 1.45pm and he had made two attempts to land at the airport in the southern Italian island.

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The plane which then headed east following the diversion, made the phallic shape that was more than 24 kilometers long, taking a total of 16 minutes to complete.

After the outline was made and turned several heads in the aviation industry, the plane continued on its route to Malta and landed around half an hour later.

The company that manages the airport claimed a sudden change of wind was to blame for the diversion. 

A spokesperson for Lufthansa told newspaper Corriere della Sera: “Due to ‘wind shear’ it was not possible to land safely in Catania and for this reason the pilot had to remain in a holding position before once again trying to land which was not successful.”

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As reported in the Mirror, the Lufthansa spokesperson added: “Then it [the plane] has flown to Malta where it has refuelled and finally approached Catania from a different direction. And it is not the first time that there has been debate whether pilots have deliberately made phallic symbols in the sky.”

All types of planes from commercial to military aircraft have been recorded flying in phallic shapes worldwide by avid aviation watchers.

Last January, a Maltese military helicopter left a similar outline over Comino, Sicily, with elaborate loops, reported the Times of Malta. But on that occasion, the Maltese military claimed that the image was taken out of context and did not show the full flight path.

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