Woman in blackface ‘goes off the rails’ with offensive rant at shop staff

A woman has sparked outrage online after a video has been shared of her launching an offensive rant at members of staff in Target while in blackface.

Ersilia Campbell, a former postal worker from Colorado, US, was captured on camera with her face covered in brown paint as she made unhinged rants about “whiteface” and pride flags at staff in the supermarket.

In the clip, which has been shared on Twitter by @iceyxblues, members of staff confronted the woman about her doing blackface in their store.

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Blackface is a racist practice that involves a non-black person painting their face with dark makeup to portray a caricature of a black person.

But Campbell was unbothered about being called out, as she replied: "Lester Holt did ‘whiteface’ and nobody said s**t."

Her remark was in reference to the time NBC journalist Holt, who is black, dressed up as British singer Susan Boyle for an episode of the TODAY Show over a decade ago.

She then demanded to see Target’s Pride section and became frustrated when she was informed that Pride Month ended in June.

“Oh I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag forever, no?” Campbell said.

It is believed she was referring to LGBTQIA+ Pride’s signature rainbow flag, before strutting out of the shop, declaring: "I don’t shop at Target"

Later that day, Campbell was seen visiting a Starbucks still in blackface and wearing some Donald Trump campaign stickers on her Mickey Mouse shirt.

She filmed herself saying she is on her "way to the post office for a job" and chuckled as she said: "they will never recognize my picture now."

The woman was once an Operations Supervisor at the United State Postal Service (USPS), but she was let go back in February, TMZ reports.

The USPS distributed a bulletin to current employees that identified Campbell as a trespasser and urged their staff to alert the Postal Inspection Service if she returned.

Social media users have been left outraged after seeing the videos, with people branding her actions as "unhinged".

One user said: "People are completely unhinged. WTF."

Another added: "This woman just destroyed her entire life."

A third commented: "She’s racist and she’s getting the attention she deserves."

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