Woman, 97, has fingers bitten off in sneak care home attack by another resident

A 97-year-old woman had her fingers 'bitten off' in a sneak attack from a fellow care home resident, according to her family.

May Brown was a resident at Owlett Hall Care Home in Bradford at the time of the incident in April last year, when she was found in agony on the floor by staff.

The culprit had managed to evade the attention of staff and sneak into Ms Brown's room, before gnawing off the tips of the elderly lady's little finger and thumb.

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The dementia sufferer also sustained bruises, skin tears, "extensive bite marks" according to the BBC, citing a safeguarding report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Her family has now demanded the CQC "hold the nursing home to account", who have apologised to the family.

May's son, Pip Brown, 73, said the family was "horrified" by the incident.

"My mother has been badly let down by the system," he said, adding that his mother has since been moved to another care home in Leeds.

He stated however that despite her dementia, Ms Brown recoils in terror when people, including family, approach her.

"I know she can't remember the incident, however her behaviour towards her family has changed. If we try to get close or to touch her, she becomes quite hysterical and traumatised," he said.

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"I believe that's as a result of this sustained attack."

He said the family wanted "a follow-up from the CQC". Police were called to the scene after the incident but there was no follow up.

Ryan Hirst, the victim's grandson, said she had been "lucky to survive" the "vicious" attack.

He said the family could not understand how another resident was "able to enter the room of a 97-year-old bed-bound lady and cause the amount of damage they caused, without anybody raising the alarm or intervening".

"We want a standard of care across all care homes that keeps people safe," he said.

A spokesperson for Owlet Hall Care Home said: "This was an unpredicted, isolated incident for which we issued an apology to the family."

The CQC has said that it is "continuing to review" the case.

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