Seaside town in ITV drama now ‘tired and tatty’ as fans and seagulls take over

A British seaside beauty spot has been plagued by unwanted tourists thanks to its appearance in a popular TV detective drama.

West Bay in Dorset was a key location in ITV's Broadchurch, and has become a must-see destination for fans of the show, which starred Olivia Colman and David Tennant.

However, locals are furious after the onslaught of tourists has left it looking “tired and tatty”.

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And one of the biggest problems is the dreaded seagull.

Speaking to The Sun, the head of the town's Consultative Committee, Simon Myles, who also runs a boat charter business, said: “We need more signage to stop people feeding the seagulls, as we have a real problem with them, the same as a lot of coastal towns.

“If people feed them, it encourages them to attack people for food.

“They’re scavengers by nature so if the bins are overflowing it’s easy pickings for them."

Also speaking to the Sun, local businessman Andrew also expressed concern over Broadchurch fans taking risks to get photos of the iconic beach from the show.

He said: “The footpath up to the clifftop has been moved back, which was bound to happen as the cliffs erode, but it’s about keeping people safe.

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“What I do worry about is that someone is going to get killed and then they’ll close the beach off completely. There was another rockfall last week and people still walk along the bottom when another could happen at any time.”

Despite the complaints, West Bay was ranked the 10th best beach in England to visit this year.

Ranked by Parkdean Resorts, which analysed TikTok data to see where the most viewed beaches on the app were, the beach has had a 40% rise in mentions.

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A spokesman said: “West Bay in Dorset finds itself in the top ten, with a 40% increase in views in the last 12 months.

“With West Bay being one of the best for coastal walks, fishing and scuba diving, it comes as no surprise that Brits are flocking to the Dorset coast.”

The area had 17.3million views in 2022, with 29million already being hit this year.

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