Boozed-up gran threw kitten in neighbour’s bin and tried to ‘stone it to death’

A vodka-fuelled gran dumped her pet kitten in a neighbour's bin before trying to "stone it to death" to "put it out of its misery."

Pamela Mattinson grinned as she walked free from court after the cruel incident during a drinking binge.

The 49-year-old repeatedly hurled a large brick into the bin with both hands as the petrified animal squealed from inside.

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She initially fled the scene when confronted by the neighbour but returned, pulled the kitten out a plastic bag and told him: “Why is my cat in your bin?” before threatening to smash his windows, the MEN reports.

Mattinson was arrested as she was carrying the cat to the local vet.

It was said to be distressed with injured hind legs and blood pouring from its paw.

Miraculously, the animal has since made a full recovery and is now living with new owners.

When questioned, Mattinson of Alston Street, Bolton said she had accidentally hurt her pet whilst trying to frighten off a larger cat that had been harassing it.

She told officers she'd been attempting to put it "out of its misery" but later admitted she'd been drinking vodka in the run up to the incident.

Mattinson admitted causing unnecessary suffering and using threatening behaviour at Bolton Crown Court where she was given an eight months jail term suspended for two years.

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She was also banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

In mitigation defence counsel Colin Buckle said: “There is another larger cat in the area that would harass the kitten. At the time she had come back from work and went for a bottle of vodka before letting her kitten out.

"The big cat began to harass the kitten and in response she picked up a large brick and tried to throw it at the bigger cat but hit her cat instead. She then decided she would put it out of its misery.

He added that Mattinson is "someone who has made a horrendous decision" and "it is so unusual, is a one off and won’t happen again."

He also said Mattison has struggled with alcoholism in the past and was "vulnerable at the time."

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The judge told Mattinson: "In this particular case you were not merely cruel or neglectful, you were deliberately trying to kill that cat. The footage taken by the other party in the case shows a most despicable crime.

“It is quite sadistic to place the cat in the bin and then target it with such forceful blows. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that no further damage befell that poor creature. This particular animal got off lightly, although it was extraordinarily frightened."

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