31 men and women, some likely in Mexico, indicted by Adams County grand jury in cocaine ring

A Colorado grand jury has indicted 31 men and women, some of them possibly in Mexico, for drug trafficking in metro Denver.

These 17th Judicial District indictments announced Monday by Adams County District Attorney Brian Mason follow discoveries by police and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency in February that a Mexico-based criminal group has been distributing cocaine in the Adams County area for about 15 years while avoiding law enforcement detection.

The men and women are indicted on 15 counts of drug trafficking and 16 violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. Some of those indicted have not yet been arrested.

Police in Brighton and other north metro cities began an investigation in May 2021. Over 18 months, the police and federal agents seized roughly 28 pounds of cocaine, four firearms weapons, 15 vehicles, five houses, and $283,514 in cash, authorities said in a press release.

Mason declared that “we are disrupting drug operators who are dealing significant quantities of illegal narcotics into our community” and that these indictments are a signal “to all who are dealing this poison in our community.” Mason said: “We are going to take you down.”

Federal agents are assisting in efforts to break drug trafficking groups, DEA Acting Special Agent in Charge David Olesky said. “Our goal at DEA is to tie those organizations back to their main source of supply in Mexico.”

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