Michael Gove’s son in holiday terror after taxi driver locked him in car

Michael Gove and Sarah Vine announce divorce in statement

Michael Gove’s son faced a holiday from hell, according to his mother Sarah Vine, as he was locked in a taxi while the driver demanded an extra €60 cash payment.

Mr Gove’s son jetted off to the Eastern European country with his friends, only to end up in a terrifying ordeal with a cabby.

Ms Vine, who separated from Mr Gove in 2021, was awoken at 2.33am to a “horror” call from her son, who explained he had been returning to the holiday flat with his friends when the driver demanded they stump up the extra cash.

When Mr Gove’s son refused, the driver “yelled at him in Croatian, locked the doors and drove past my son’s flat to another part of town”.

Ms Vine detailed the ordeal in her Mail on Sunday column, explaining her son called her in terror.

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She said: “Needless to say, I was beside myself. After several frantic conversations (the phone signal kept dropping, which didn’t help my blood pressure), I transferred some money to his account (thank God for internet banking) so he was able to withdraw it from a cashpoint and hand the money over in exchange for being taken home.”

She says her son later explained that the entire holiday had been “marred” by similar threats of violence.

One evening a female friend of her son’s got separated from the group, only to be cornered by “three meant who ordered that she hand over her money and phone, or else”.

Ms Vine said: “If she tried to call for help, they said she’d be stabbed. Or worse”.

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Ms Vine went on to say that talking to children of her own friends, such incidents are increasingly typical.

Drinks being spiked and sexual assault are all part and parcel of young people’s holidays abroad, according to the top columnist.

Ms Vine warned: “As more cheap holidays open up, people need to be alive to the risks. Hot new destinations such as Albania may seem attractive, with great-value hotels, long sandy beaches and cheap restaurants (the average cost of a beer is just £1.69). But let’s not forget that Albania’s main export is organised crime.”

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