‘Sex instructor’ and Donald Trump fan becomes frontrunner in Argentina election

A "tantric sex instructor" and former rock singer who admires Donald Trump has emerged as the frontrunner to become Argentina's next president.

As Argentinians prepare to go to the ballot box for the country's October general election they are being wooed – or shocked – by hard right Javier Milei.

The 52-year-old, who rocks large sideburns, wants to stabilise the economically waning nation. However, he thinks Argentina's Central Bank should be abolished, thinks climate change is a lie, characterises sex education as a ploy to destroy the family, believes the sale of human organs should be legal and wants to make it easier to own handguns.

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The Mirror reported that he said his "true opposition" of the centre-left Peronist party, and its leader and former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, will rid the country of its economic woes.

“We’re not only going to end Kirchnerism, but we’re also going to end the useless, parasitic, criminal political caste that is sinking this country,” said Mr Milei.

Votes were still being counted late Sunday, but analysts agreed that the upstart candidate who gained notoriety – and a rockstar-like following – by angrily ranting against the "political caste" did much better than expected and is a real contender for the presidency in this South American country.

With around 92% of polling locations reporting, Milei had around 30% of the total vote, according to official results. The candidates in the main opposition coalition, United for Change, were at 28% and the current governing coalition, Union for the Homeland, had 27%.

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Celebrating in his election headquarters, Milei vowed to bring "an end to the parasitic, corrupt and useless political caste that exists in this country".

"Today we took the first step toward the reconstruction of Argentina," he said. "A different Argentina is impossible with the same people as always."

Discontent is widespread in Argentina, which is struggling with annual inflation over 100%, rising poverty and a rapidly depreciating currency, Milei attracted support by calling for the country to replace the peso with the US dollar.

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