Boulder police officer adopts dog rescued from stolen car

A late-night investigation into a stolen vehicle took an unexpected turn when a dog poked its head up in the backseat.

During an overnight patrol shift in late July, Boulder police officer Nate Taylor was called in to assist officers who stopped a stolen vehicle. When the team made the arrest, they were surprised to see a dog sitting in the backseat, staring up at them through the window.

“Hey pup, are you friendly?” the officers asked in a video posted by the Boulder Police Department, holding out their hands for “Miss Bonnie” to sniff and clipping a leash onto her collar.

“We took her over to the humane society and I gave them my contact information in case nobody came to pick her up,” Taylor said in the video.

Taylor said the shelter reached out more than a week later, telling him Bonnie’s owners had still not shown up to claim her.

That’s when Taylor and his husband decided to adopt her into their family, making room alongside their two tiny wiener dogs, according to the video.

Taylor said Miss Bonnie joined the couple and, after acclimating to the size difference between her and the couple’s two wiener dogs, fit right into the family.

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