Ex-teacher ‘had sex with student, 13’ then ‘bought him a gun for his birthday’

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    A teacher who allegedly had sex with a student aged just 13 bought him a gun for his birthday and is now facing 40-years in prison.

    Tyesha Bolden, 34, started a relationship with her student when she was working at Pilgrim Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, United States.

    During a court case this week, it emerged the pair sent a whopping 2,200 messages to each other in a one-month period from May to July this year.

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    Despite admitting in one message that she knew the victim was underage and that she “felt guilty” she also told him: “I want to see you as often as possible and the rest will just happen.”

    She also sent him several selfies, including naked ones, earlier this year.

    The pair were said to have had full sexual intercourse in a nearby park when she picked him up from school and then, just as he turned 14, she bought him a gun.

    The firearm was traced back to her, but it became a point of contention when he asked her for another one.

    She refused and the relationship ended – he then went to the police about it.

    The woman has been charged with second-degree sexual assault of a child and providing dangerous weapons to a person under the age of 18.

    If found guilty, she will face more than 40 years in prison.

    President and CEO of the school she was teaching at, Shaun Luehring said: “We expect our staff to represent Jesus Christ and the mission of LUMIN Schools – not only in their work, but in their personal lives as well.

    “LUMIN takes the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of our students incredibly seriously.

    “To that end, we conduct background checks on all candidates prior to employment, and share our expectations around standards of conduct with all teachers and employees, and execute regular trainings to ensure our expectations, policies and procedures are understood in practice.

    “Recently, LUMIN leadership received information indicating that a Pilgrim Lutheran School teacher violated our standards of conduct, and we immediately shared the information with local authorities and began an internal investigation.

    "Within 24 hours, members of LUMIN’s administrative team met with the teacher and determined there had been a violation of the LUMIN Schools Standards of Conduct leading to immediate termination.”

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