Lucy Letby ‘so obsessed’ with doc she ‘killed babies knowing he’d rush to help’

Sick baby-murdering nurse Lucy Letby was so obsessed with a married doctor at her hospital that she intentionally “killed babies knowing he'd rush to help”.

The shocking claim comes as Letby's messages to an anonymous paediatric registrar doctor at the Countess of Chester Hospital revealed in court were made public.

Letby, 33, was found guilty of murdering seven babies on the neonatal ward and the attempted murder of six others.

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She is thought to be facing life behind bars and is on 24-hour suicide watch while in jail as she awaits her sentencing for the sickening crimes.

The nurse had intentionally injected them with air, force-fed others milk and two of the babies were poisoned with insulin during her time at the hospital.

She is believed to have carried out the first murder just hours after attending a hen do in York back in June 2015, beginning a year-long spree at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

And now, in a shocking reveal from court evidence, it has been claimed she intentionally killed babies to attract the attention of a doctor she was infatuated with . . . because she knew he'd come running to save them.

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Although Letby insisted they were just “best friends” and nothing more, text messages show how she called him “sweetie”, and that he admitted she was “one of a few nurses across the region that I would trust with me own children” – he also brought her some chocolates to work, and they even discussed going on holiday together.

He also visited her home, which is where her pink bedroom filled with cuddly toys was located.

A pink and white spotted dressing gown was also seen in images of the bedroom, along with several other pink items, a personality in stark contrast with her actions.

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And shockingly, the doctor who she befriended turned up in court to give evidence against her, which saw Letby have an emotional breakdown and try to leave the dock at the time.

The relationship was spotted by a colleague, who accused Letby of flirting with him.

She replied: “I don't flirt with him! Certainly, don't fancy him ha ha just a nice guy.”

During the trial, Prosecutor Nick Johnson KC suggested she deliberately hurt four babies knowing he would come, creating "crisis situations" for him to run to.

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And a note she wrote at home had the doctor's name written all over it alongside love hearts.

She wrote: “My best friend…LOVE…I loved you and I think you knew that…I wanted you to stand by me but you didn't.”

It is believed the doctor now works at a different hospital in another part of the country.

Police are set to review the care of 4,000 babies at the hospital between the years of 2012 and 2016, saying cases which raised medical concerns will be investigated further.

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The government has also ordered an independent inquiry into any potential medical concerns following the Cheshire Constabulary review.

Victims' parents said the hospital must share the blame in failing to probe claims against Letby, who was found guilty of murdering seven babies over the course of a year.

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