TikTok star falls 60 feet onto hot lava rocks on Hawaii hike – and survives

A TikTok star has fallen "60 to 80" feet onto a collection of hot lava rocks in Hawaii and miraculously survived the fall.

Caleb Coffee, 18, was hiking with three pals when he lost his footing and fell off the cliff during his Hawaiian retreat, his sister confirmed on a GoFundMe page post.

Peyton Coffee, Caleb's sister, confirmed her brother was currently in the intensive care unit after his fall and is "lucky to be alive".

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Doctors initially believed the TikTok star had broken his neck, spine and femur but miraculously the damage has been avoided, although Caleb has been left with some horror burns.

He said: "For the past two days all the doctors thought that my spine or neck was broken.

"I just got out of another MRI and it turns out somehow, miraculously that it is not broken, just irritation, and I personally can not make up an explanation for that other than thank you, Jesus."

Caleb has since been diagnosed with a broken femur, a fractured wrist, and has received two plates and 10 screws in his right elbow, the New York Post reported.

His road to recovery begins now and although Caleb has thankfully maintained full motion in his fingers and toes, his family are attempting to raise £78,000 ($100,000) to cover his medical expenses.

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Caleb's sister, Peyton, who set up the GoFundMe page, wrote: "If you can’t donate he would appreciate your prayers. He is thankful to be alive but in excruciating pain as of now.

"Unfortunately Caleb did not have medical insurance and we can not afford these medical bills that is why we are making this go fund me."

It is not the first brush with death for the 18-year-old, who revealed he had nearly died before the fall, which he says he does not remember.

Caleb said: "This wasn’t the first time he has almost died in my life. When I was younger I had severe seizures, grand mal seizures and I almost died, and yesterday I almost died as well."

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