Weather maps show Saharan dust clouds head for UK with overnight temps above 20C

New weather maps show Saharan “dust clouds” heading for Britain as temperatures are set to reach a scorching 32C across parts of the UK this week.

The mercury is set to soar over the coming days, reaching its peak on Wednesday or Thursday, according to the Met Office.

As children are set to return to school, there is likely to be one last weekend of sun as the heatwave is set to last for nearly a week.

This means that seaside towns and beaches in the likes of Brighton, Blackpool, Whitby and Southend-on-Sea are expected to be flooded with tourists on Saturday and Sunday.

Satelite forecasts shared online by the Met Office shows the Saharan dust blowing over Western Europe by the middle of the week – which could even mean that overnight temperatures in Britain stay above a boiling 20C.

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As a result, parts of Britain will experience high temperatures due to the flow of warm air between low pressure in the Atlantic and an area of high pressure in mainland Europe.

The Met Office said on Monday: “Saharan dust, as indicated by the brighter pinks in the satellite imagery below, is likely to extend across parts of the UK this week. Combined with mostly clear skies; there could be some picturesque sunsets.”

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a yellow alert in place across the whole of England apart from the North East, between 2pm on Monday and 9pm on Sunday, September 10.

It comes as health experts have issued a fresh warning over deadly melanoma with Brits being urged to look out for specific symptoms.

Temperatures could reach 32C on Wednesday and Thursday, with the UK forecast to be hotter than Ibiza in Spain, Ayia Napa in Cyprus and Athens in Greece.

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Met Office spokesperson Oli Claydon told the PA news agency: “We will see good sunny conditions through the week with cloudless skies, and some high temperatures by the time we get to Wednesday and Thursday, where we could see 31C maybe 32C.

“The high temperatures are quite widely spread across the UK, although the highest temperatures are probably somewhere in south-eastern England spreading out to central parts of England as well.

“It could be a warm night overnight on Wednesday, with the potential for temperatures not dropping below 20C, which is what we term a tropical night. That’s most likely in the southern half of the UK and more likely in urban areas where the temperatures obviously stay up that little bit higher overnight.

“Then as we move through to Thursday, another hot day with highs of 31C to 32C. And again, another warm night with potential for a tropical night on Thursday.”

Temperatures on Monday reached a sweltering 30C in the south of England and the south east of Wales – but these are expected to climb over the coming days. 

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